Mermaid of Dream/Русалка Мечты
{ How long can you dream? - Forever... }
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I love flying in the clouds in a different reality 90% of my time, and the remaining 10% of spending on the drawing, photoshop, music, anime, manga, series, movies .But painting is my life. I am inspired by everything that surrounds me and that hearing and seeing. But often become crazed with something, so I have many interests.

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My fanart with amazing Rita Vrataski 

"All you need is kill" manga

45/ of Ravi’s perfection

Infinitely yours, Seoul.


140407 Siwon and Han Geng at Jackie Chan’s birthday event



Happy birthday, Choi Siwon!

"A perfect life doesn’t exist. Unexpected accidents happen in life and we make irreversible mistakes, too. But every time we fall and get hurt in life we definitely find ourselves changed in the midst of it. We realise other people’s pains or we realise ourselves maturing. Wouldn’t it really be like the beginning of love? So.. even if we keep making mistake and failing. We’ll keep growing and challenging ourselves." - episode 21


Actor You Ah In from Secret Love Affair


Siwon Twitter Upfdate | 140407

@siwon407: well. happy birthday :^) lol