Mermaid of Dream/Русалка Мечты
{ How long can you dream? - Forever... }
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I love flying in the clouds in a different reality 90% of my time, and the remaining 10% of spending on the drawing, photoshop, music, anime, manga, series, movies .But painting is my life. I am inspired by everything that surrounds me and that hearing and seeing. But often become crazed with something, so I have many interests.

"why won’t ryeowook let me wave?" ㅠ.ㅠ


Glaring Contest: Siwon VS Eunhyuk

sehun, kai and taemin - running man preview

go home siwon!

eunhyukee44: what choco? you’re asking me to give you a concert ticket? #supershow6 #blood-keting (c)

Minho for Yadea CF


Super Junior Mission: Failed to do will disguised as female including outfit



F R E E! Eternal Summer || ED